Stephanie Houston

"James and I founded Ruminate Distilling in 2016.  Though we had never met in person, we both believed wholeheartedly in James' ability to craft spirits that would have impact.  For me, rum reminds me of that much needed getaway from the daily grind...umbrella drink in hand... enjoying time with friends and family.

Our first distillery was in a tiny farmhouse in Hye, Texas.  Hye Rum, has evolved over the last 5 years, but still captures the essence of what we set out to achieve - really beautiful rums with staying power. Hye Rum is distilled to achieve full body and big flavor and made with a great deal of care.

In 2020, we developed Island Getaway Rum, a lineup of flavored rums with no added sugar.  These rums are mindfully made to capture flavor without the extras we don't need. Late 2020, we also released a craft gin.  Whimsically named "Jinn" after James' favorite lore, our gin is highly inspired by Scottish-style gins with floral notes and bright citrus and truly delightful. 

In 2021, we took a leap of faith and moved our distillery to Dripping Springs.  I am so proud to welcome you to our new home."

Stephanie Houston, President/Cofounder

James Davidson

Master Distiller James Davidson, showcases his 8+years of rum specific distillation to Ruminate Distilling.  James spent several years researching rums in the U.S., France and the Caribbean.  Drawing inspiration from traditional island rums, James continues to craft and refine his spirits sometimes using obscure distilling techniques to obtain his end product.  5 years into this project, James has created an extensive library of expressions of rum, gin and brandy.  Each expression is more impressive than the last, James is a true craftsman.

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